A downloadable game sort of

this is my entry to ludum dare #32 compos

a mouse button masher of poor bunnies.

It has one song, one sound effect of squeezing paper, some mocap i did sunday morning with a massive hangover i would not recommend to anyone, so please don't laugh at me dancing.

I started from scratch without any no codebase just to see where it will take me and of course i change direction as i went along. At first i wanted to do a laughing game, then i found out i can not laugh for sound effect, then i did the song and still had no idea what the game will be about so i said i will make a cooking game where you mix a dish to poison your lover. Well that did not work out neither because i am a lousy cook let alone the artist to draw spaghetti, so i was stuck with tons of spoons and utensils for cooking.

Then i decided i should make a music game, uf ... but for proper music game i should do some sound analysis, and for this there was no time. so i decided that a cook and his associates should dance to music and use the cooking tools to defend the evil bunny that i found in colouring book, i took it out, used scissors and coloured it then i took the picture of it and made used it as an icon and since i kind a like things flying against the player this is what it came out. I hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed making it.

Install instructions

download appropriate version, unpack and run

unconventional weapon.zip is unity project


win.zip 16 MB
osx.zip 28 MB
linux.zip 28 MB
Unconventional Weapon.zip 37 MB